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Mortgage brokers are a valuable resource when shopping for a loan. They can help you compare different lenders and products to find the best deal for your needs. The best mortgage brokers in Melbourne will work with you to get the best interest rate and term on your loan, and they won’t charge you any fees. 

Mortgages are big commitments - and for most people, the biggest one they'll ever make. So it's important to get it right. That's why you need the best mortgage brokers in Melbourne on your side. 

Luckily, we've done the hard work for you. We've compiled a list of the best mortgage brokers in Melbourne - so you can rest easy knowing that you're in good hands. Read on to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Mortgage Broker

Mortgage brokers are home loan and mortgage advisors that help borrowers find the right finance option to purchase or refinance a property. They usually act as a bridge between a customer and a bank when applying for a home loan.

In Australia, mortgage brokers are paid a commission by lenders, for introducing clients to home loans. So brokers are paid by the lenders and not the customer. This type of payment is called the upfront commission. Mortgage brokers can also earn a trail commission.
A lender is a financial institution that makes loans directly to you. A broker does not lend money. A broker finds a lender. A broker may work with many lenders.
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EWM Accountant – Mortage Brokers Melbourne 

ewm accountants bookkeeping, tax & business advisors mortage broker melbourne


03 9568 5444

Why Choose Us?

We never attempt to force round pegs into square holes, because we are a company that specialises in taxation and financial advising. We modify our procedures to fit the demands particular to your business. Do you want Dropbox® to distribute your files? We can certainly handle that.

Do you prefer receiving correspondence through the mail, the more conventional method? Do you need help with bookkeeping in addition to accounting services, or only payroll? Do you also need help with your finances or help getting a loan? Not an issue.


Small businesses can get help from the Chartered Accountants at EWM Accountants and Business Advisors with their accounting, bookkeeping, and tax obligations. We have been in business for more than 30 years, and we specialise in helping small businesses as well as the construction, investment, medical, dental, and manufacturing industries.

The business is based in Melbourne’s thriving Oakleigh neighbourhood, and its members are all highly qualified accountants who bring a wealth of experience to the table to help us realise our mission.

Our Values

  • Passion:
    We are committed, enthusiastic, and motivated in what we do and look for fulfilment, relevance, and joy in our job. We enjoy what we do!
  • Integrity:
    We act honestly and strive to be open-minded and truthful in all of our endeavours.
  • Enrichment:
    Through instruction, mentoring, and practical experience, we develop knowledge and skills that last a lifetime.
  • Loyalty:
    We value dedication, connection, and commitment to our customers.
  • Ownership:
    In all facets of client service, we are proactive, dependable, and accountable.
  • Teamwork:
    The interdependence of people functioning as a team is the key to true success. We value mutual cooperation, listening, and understanding.

Owlbroker – Mortgage Broker Melbourne

owlbroker mortgage broker melbourne


0490 527 699

We provide services all around Australia. We are a brokerage situated in Melbourne. We put a priority on providing exceptional client service and properly thought-out strategic finance solutions.

You will receive care at Owlbroker from the start to finish of the financial journey. We are able to identify the best answer for your demands because of our knowledge and experience. Our utmost passion is assisting you at every turn.

Financial Services:​

  • Residential loans
  • Investment loans
  • Commercial loans
  • SMSF
  • Personal / Car / Boat loans
  • Equipment loans

Aspiire – Mortgage Broker Melbourne

aspiire mortgage broker melbourne


1300 733 942

Home financing can be complicated and time-consuming. With so many banks, deals, offers, promotions, and credit requirements, it’s critical to have a helpful professional guiding you so you can make an informed decision.

Get friendly home loan support.

  • experience with first-time home buyer mortgages, business lending, and house loans for wealth generation
  • tips for first-time property buyers
  • proactive and amiable assistance
  • focuses on serving you, not the banks
  • independent of a franchise or bank ownership

We make it easier

Want to make your money better? You may save money and increase your wealth with the appropriate home loans. We also assist you.

  • Save time (and credit file) from doing it yourself.
  • See your options and borrowing power at different banks.
  • Calculate what you could save
  • Make an informed choice.

My Mortgage Freedom – Broker Melbourne

my mortgage freedom broker melbourne


03 8256 1914

We continue our work even after your loan has paid. Every year, we have always checked in with our clients to make sure their loans are all still competitive and to see if their circumstances have changed in any way that requires our attention. The fact that interest rates often rise as the months and years go by means that we have made it so that it will never happen again. Customers of My Mortgage Freedom get unique access to the first and only rate tracking technology in Australia.

By turning on Rate Tracker for your mortgage or investment loan, you can keep an eye on your interest rate in real-time and guard against unexpectedly high interest rate increases. You will only ever be informed if your interest rate has gone above an acceptable threshold because everything is done automatically.

We take care of all the leg work for you.

My Mortgage Freedom can help you get there more quickly and easily whether you’re a large “guy” or a tiny “guy,” purchasing your first house, refinancing, building, or investing. We’ll work with you to discover the greatest price, do all the grunt work, and provide support long after the purchase is closed.

  • Home Buyers
  • Investors
  • Commercial
  • Self-Employed
  • Foreign Investors

Mel Finance Services – Mortgage Broker Melbourne

mel finance services mortgage broker melbourne


1800 940 752

We are a group of seasoned mortgage brokers who work with clients to find the best loans at the most affordable rates. From first-time home buyers to retirees, we adopt a highly customised strategy for clients at all stages of the property journey.

Beyond residential loans, we also engage with businesses and investors, providing a specialised service aimed to give the most up-to-date market information and industry insights. Learn more about Mel Finance and how we may assist you by visiting our website. Schedule a free appointment to talk about your needs with a qualified mortgage broker in Melbourne.

Finance Services

  • HOME LOAN. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, an investor, or a multi-property owner, get the best deal possible on your mortgage. We have a staff of Melbourne-based experts who are skilled at comparing a range of lenders to find the best offer.
  • REFINANCE. Have you considered other options? Talk to our knowledgeable team about your refinancing alternatives to learn more. From evaluating your alternatives to finalising your refinanced mortgage, we’ll assist you throughout the entire process.
  • BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT. To find and handle a loan that will meet your needs, we collaborate with investors and business owners. Our team can provide expert assistance and the most recent market information.

First Home Buyers

We are aware that buying your first home is a thrilling yet frequently intimidating experience. The Mel Finance team guides first-time buyers in Melbourne through the process of purchasing a home and obtaining a mortgage. Working with our reputable mortgage brokers will help you get the loan you need to buy the house of your dreams.

Our Focus Is You

Our goal is to provide seamless and stress-free service to Melbourne residents, guiding them through the full refinance, mortgage, or loan process. Our clients’ requirements come first, and we work hard to find them the greatest bargains.

Why Mel Finance?

We are a market leader with a singular focus on offering Melbourne’s top services and deals. We are entirely compliant with industry requirements because we are an MFAA (Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia) approved mortgage broker.

VDA Finance And Capital – Mortgage Broker Melbourne

vda finance capital mortgage broker melbourne


1300 832 536

Suraj and Karna have a combined 15 years of experience in the residential and commercial mortgage industries, and they are leading a team of brokers to help our clients buy homes. We are aware that every consumer has a different situation. With our large network of residential and business lenders, we can offer customised loan comparisons and lending alternatives. You are under no obligation to use our services, and our consultations are free.

What We Offer

  • Home Loans
  • Commercial Loans
  • Business & Equipment Finance

Opulent Finance – Mortgage Broker Melbourne

opulet finance mortgage broker melbourne


03 8838 3592

We are a welcoming staff that prioritises meeting the needs of our clients. To provide our customers with the greatest possible solution, we will go to great measures. Because of this, every single one of our clients refers us to their loved ones, friends, and coworkers, which is how we have expanded over time.

At Opulent, we take great pride in our team’s above 98 percent customer retention rate. We take great pride in the accolades we have received from the industry, but what we cherish most is the fact that when we work with clients, we frequently begin a lifelong partnership and help them with their financial needs for many years.

You are not charged for our advice, and none of the financial institutions on our panel will benefit from it. Our main goal is to find the answers that are ideal for you. Through Opulent accountants, all of our clients also gain access to our knowledge and proficiency in accounting and taxation. We do provide you with the complete bundle.

Our Services

  • Commercial Finance
  • Equipment & Asset Finance
  • Home Loans
  • Investment Property Loans
  • Personal Loan

Inovayt – Mortgage Broker Melbourne

inovayt mortgage broker melbourne


1300 354 354

The founders recognised a need to provide a more comprehensive solution to their clients while building a successful mortgage company on its own. Inovayt Wealth was established in 2012 to provide financial guidance.

Since then, Innovate has expanded to over forty workers, created four offices across the country, and added a commercial finance business to further reinforce the services we provide to our clients.


  • Your First Home
  • Your Next Home
  • First Time Investor
  • Experienced Property Investor
  • Refinancing
  • Busy Professional
  • Self-Employed
  • Pay Off Your Loan Sooner
  • Your Next Car
  • Personal Loans


  • Your Goals
  • Financial Planning; what, why, how?
  • Superannuation
  • Personal and Business Insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Investment Advice
  • Budget & Cash Flow


  • Business Loans
  • Business Overdrafts
  • Business Investment Loans
  • Development Finance
  • Cash Flow Lending
  • Asset and Equipment Finance
  • Investment Planning and Advice

Why choose Inovayt?

  • We take care of you
  • Online, over the phone, or in person, we make it simple.
  • Throughout your financial journey, we will offer you professional guidance so you may successfully apply our insights.
  • You have the assistance of a skilled group of professionals that are committed to getting the task done.
  • All of your financial demands are supported by our end-to-end solutions.

Loanscope – Mortgage Broker Melbourne

loanscope mortgage broker melbourne


03 9988 5325

Our Melbourne-based mortgage brokers are part of our team. We set the bar for financial brokerage by providing the high-quality service, knowledgeable counsel, and customised loans at unbelievably cheap rates that we guarantee. We:

  • Provide specialised, individualised services
  • Adopt a long-term perspective
  • Compare mortgages offered by more than 30 lenders.
  • With a combined 30 years of expertise, they offer knowledgeable assistance and have a strong track record of approving house loans.
  • We streamline the procedure.
  • We may come to you upon request and offer after-hours appointments. We always have your best interests in mind. We are members of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia.
  • Our office is conveniently located on St Kilda Road, 5 minutes from the CBD.
  • All of our clients received free Rp Data credit reports and property reports from us.

Loanscope, a developing finance brokerage, has established a solid name for itself and cultivated good ties with the main banks, non-bank lenders, and non-conforming lenders. We have access to hundreds of home loan packages and the knowledge to identify one that will satisfy your present requirements and long-term financial goals. To complement our services, we may suggest reliable accountants, financial planners, and conveyancers.

Loans We Offer 

  • Home Loans for Doctors & Medical Professionals.
  • Investment Home Loan
  • Upgrade your home with ease
  • Refinance your home and start saving!
  • Commercial loans
  • First Home Buyers
  • Extension and Renovation loans

Would your property investing benefit from:

  • Advice from a subject matter expert who is on your side and is concerned about your objectives and future?
  • Simple explanations that clearly outline your options?
  • Expert guidance customised to your unique structures and objectives?
  • Thorough planning and analysis?
  • Greater access to mortgage possibilities than any lender is able to provide?
  • A professional on your team for difficult negotiations?
  • A simpler way to get mortgages you can actually afford?

Our knowledgeable consultants from Melbourne can visit you and meet with you whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you.

Why choose Loanscope?

Because what is actually best for our clients is also great for our future, we always act in your best interest. We made the right decision, as evidenced by our loyal clientele and development driven by recommendations.

Whether you are investing for personal or corporate purposes, we have access to hundreds of loan packages because we are seasoned mortgage brokers with years of experience. You have access to the entire market, not just the overly promoted fundamentals.

Resolve Finance – Mortgage Broker Melbourne

resolve finance mortgage broker melbourne


1300 883 463

We’re here to assist you make better decisions, offer options, and find solutions so that you and your family can live the best life possible.

Home Loans

  • Find a broker
  • Our lender panel
  • My home plan
  • Your first home
  • Your next home
  • Refinancing
  • Investing
  • Our home loans


  • Buying your home
  • Selling your home

Become a business owner

  • Why a Resolve franchise?
  • Franchise partner stories
  • Franchise opportunities
  • Your next steps

Resolve is our name since it is what we do. We’re here to help homeowners, house builders, renters, renovators, and investors overcome the obstacles in their way to whatever comes next.

The Australian Investment and Lending Centre – Mortgage Broker Melbourne

alic mortgage broker melbourne


55 612 125 242

Getting the correct guidance is crucial because, as with any financial strategy, the ideal loan structure relies on the goals and circumstances of each individual. At ALIC, we specialise in chatting with you and learning about your present financial state and future goals in order to work with you to design the best finance plan and structure.

We collaborate with your prefered advisers or provide you with access to ALIC’s trusted market professionals, such as financial planners, wealth management/tax accountants, buyers’ advocates, and other specialists, to guarantee that these structures function properly. The fact that you have access to experts who can assist and direct you through the process is crucial. All of the major banks, including ANZ, Westpac, CBA, NAB, and numerous other organisations, including Bank of Melbourne, Macquarie, and ING, to mention a few, help arrange loans.

You, our client, get more from a better conclusion thanks to our high rating with the best banks.

We begin by working with you to comprehend your financial objectives and posing some basic queries.

Our Services

The ALIC team will collaborate with you to identify the top financial market options that will satisfy your needs.

We have the most qualified staff at ALIC to identify the ideal solution. From the novice homebuyer to the most seasoned investor, you can refinance if you want to upgrade or increase your portfolio. In Australia, ALIC has access to more than 2000 financial products. Our staff is dedicated to not only improving your strategy and organisational structure but also educating you along the way so that you will have the assurance to increase your investments and comprehend your obligations.

Market Appraisal

Regardless of their financial status or prior real estate experience, our services are tailored to offer our clients the finest possibilities. See what we can do for you by getting in touch with us today. Make an appointment for a consultation right away!

Credit Assessment

ALIC can handle all of your mortgage requirements, whether you need assistance arranging a mortgage or purchasing a new house. We’ll handle the complications so you don’t have to. When we collaborate, you’ll be astonished at how simple your life gets. Get in touch with us to learn how my services can be of assistance.

Mortgage Lending

Mortgages and finance are quite stressful and complicated, whether you’re looking to buy your first home or a new investment property. Here I step in to help. With this service and so much more, we assist my clients. Call us right away to find out more.

Entry Finance – Mortgage Broker Melbourne

entry finance mortgage broker melbourne


1300 468 234

In Australia, Entry Finance is paving the way for flexible and affordable mortgage and finance choices.

Being the go-to mortgage and finance broker in Australia is our vision. We offer individualised, innovative, and effective solutions to meet your needs.

Our purpose is to work with you to safeguard your financial future and reach your financial goals. We have understanding of and experience with both financing and mortgage broking. This enables us to offer financing choices to support your monetary objectives.

By providing you with frank and practical solutions, we want to forge lasting partnerships.

To help you better understand your options and choose the best investment, our team will cut out the jargon and speak with you in plain English.

Regardless of your situation, we will guide you through a simple process that is devoid of worry. Additionally, we will keep you updated at each stage of the purchasing process.


  • New Mortgages
  • Refinancing Options
  • Investment loans
  • Equipment Finance

Why Choose Entry Finance?

We are your go-to finance and mortgage broker’s firm for the best financing options in Australia.

  • Quality Finance & Mortgage Broking Advice
  • Buy With Confidence
  • Understanding Your Financial Goals

Your Loan Assist – Mortgage Broker Melbourne

your loan assist mortgage broker melbourne


1300 007 352

You’re different.

We understand.

  • Employee: Full Time, Part Time, Casual, Contractor.
  • Self Employed: Full Doc, Low doc.
  • It’s Complicated: Ummm… where do I start?

Your needs matter.

We make an effort.

  • First Time Buyer
  • Building
  • Consolidating Debt

Empower Wealth – Mortgage Broker Melbourne

empower wealth mortgage broker melbourne


1300 123 724

At Empower Wealth, we firmly believe that everyone who is motivated to do so may improve their financial situation. From saving for your first home to buying it and then leveraging its wealth base, to superannuation, to figuring out how to use your family’s extra cash flow most effectively, to constructing a multimillion dollar property portfolio… Although it is possible, practically all of us require professional guidance.


  • Property Portfolio Plan
  • Property Investment Advice
  • Mortgage Broking
  • Buyers Agents
  • Financial Planning & SMSF
  • Tax & Personal Accounting
  • Property Research
  • Money Management

So, why do our clients choose us?

  • First, we evaluate their needs, ambitions, desires, and personal values, as well as the part that money and wealth will play in their lives today and in the future.
  • We evaluate present and upcoming cash flows to make sure that provisioning is enough for both present and upcoming financial goals.
  • We are honest with them about their circumstances and the outcomes of our recommendations.
  • We have the ability to create a fully integrated and custom solution to fulfil client needs thanks to our various business divisions and the competent professionals inside them. For them, we can lay out a short- and long-term wealth growth road map.
  • The money our clients have worked so hard to acquire and the time they have given up is up to them to decide what to do with, but they are aware that a team of experts is available to help them along the way.

Gilbees Mortgage Planning – Mortgage Broker Melbourne

gilbees mortgage broker melbourne


03 9633 4625

Making a significant purchase might be intimidating. Whether refinancing, downsizing, investing, or purchasing your first home, there is always a lot to think about when taking out a loan. It is crucial to work with a specialist who is knowledgeable about the finance sector and can locate you a reasonable loan that fits your needs and way of life.

We want to find you a loan that not only satisfies your needs but also goes above and beyond what you anticipate in terms of pricing, product, and service. At Gilbees Mortgage Planning, we value giving you a choice and look forwards to assisting you in realising your dream of purchasing a home or investment property. Please continue reading to learn how we can assist you, or simply visit our Contact Us page to get going right now.


We take pleasure in providing pro-active assistance and service. We have a wealth of knowledge in everything related to loans, including:

  • Supporting First Home Buyers
  • Investment Loans
  • Commercial Loans
  • Standard Variable & Fixed Rate Loans
  • Honeymoon Loans
  • Bridging Loans
  • Asset Finance

Why Choose Us?

We distinguish ourselves from the competition by putting our consumers at the centre of all we do. You, our borrowers, have our word that:

  • We’ll be simple to work with.
  • You will converse with a live person.
  • We will respond to you soon.
  • Every time, we’ll go the extra mile.
  • We will pay attention to your wishes.
  • Options for house loans that meet your needs will be offered by us.
  • We will find interest rates that are competitive.
  • We are here to help you and make sure you are completely happy with our service.

Lend A Loan – Mortgage Broker Melbourne

lend a loan mortgage broker melbourne


1300 861 463

Young Melbourne-based mortgage and finance company Lend A Loan | Mortgage Broker Melbourne uses cutting-edge tools to support each of its experienced mortgage brokers in finding the best solution for our esteemed clients.

Whether a customer needs a home loan, a business loan, a commercial loan, car financing, refinancing, or debt consolidation, our Melbourne mortgage brokers can help. Each and every one of the members of our mortgage broking staff is driven, skilled, and offers something special to our financing organisation.

Our team of passionate and committed finance and mortgage brokers meets daily in our Melbourne office with a few core principles in mind: to offer our valued clients the greatest financial solutions while always putting their best interests first.

The Lend A Loan Finance and Mortgage Brokers can help you choose the best loan programme for your unique financial needs because they have access to over 45 residential and commercial banks and lenders.

You can schedule a meeting with our Melbourne mortgage broker team at your residence or place of business, or you can call or visit one of our Melbourne locations. To begin your search for the ideal loan and compare countless loan products in a single session with our knowledgeable Melbourne mortgage brokers.

Our Finance And Mortgage Broking Services

A variety of financial and mortgage brokerage services are offered by us.

  • Home Loans
  • Commercial Loans
  • Business Loans
  • First Home Buyers

Why Choose A Lend A Loan Mortgage Broker

Give a Loan The interests of their clients are what mortgage brokers prioritise. Only products that fit our customers’ financial needs are recommended to them.

  • Operational Excellence
  • Wide Range Of Loans
  • Flexible Appointments
  • Trained Experts
  • Accredited Agency
  • No Cost To You


Guidance Mortgage Brokers Melbourne

guidance mortgage broker melbourne


0405 447 241

The outstanding credit advisory Guidance Mortgage Brokers offers genuine service, a variety of options, and assistance to fulfil all of your demands for residential and commercial financing.

Why Guidance?

  • All the major banks are among the numerous lenders to which we have access.
  • From application to settlement, we handle all the challenging paperwork.
  • We give comprehensive justifications of all fees, charges, and lending procedures.
  • Good customer service is our top priority throughout the loan application process.

How Can We Help?

  • Building A New Home
  • Purchasing A Home
  • Becoming A First-Time Home Buyer
  • Loan Refinancing for Homes
  • Property Investment

Why should you use a mortgage broker?

More than half of Australians now use a broker to obtain a home loan, and there are several solid reasons for this. The fact that we work for you and not the banks is undoubtedly the most significant. We first meet with you to learn what you require, and then we use our market expertise to effectively bargain with the lenders. Then, after considering a number of possibilities, we decide which is best for you rather than the lenders.

Vanquish Finance Group – Mortgage Broker Melbourne

vanquish finance group mortgage broker melbourne


0409 089 241

Since their establishment in 2005, they have negotiated thousands of home loans for clients, including first-time homebuyers, those looking to refinance their current mortgage, and real estate speculators making their first, second, or third forays into the investment market.

We are devoted to participating in the neighbourhood. We put a lot of effort into utilising technology to lessen our carbon footprint and make ethical judgments that promote favourable social, economic, and environmental results.

Our Service


  • Calculate Stamp Duty
  • Loan Repayment Calculator
  • Borrowing Power Calculator
  • Budget Planner

Government Grants & Schemes

  • First Home Owner Grant
  • First Home Loan Deposit Scheme
  • Family Home Guarantee
  • New Home Guarantee

Market Street Finance – Mortgage Broker Melbourne

market street finance mortgage broker melbourne


1300 612 253

With every client, we engage in thorough and attentive work.

This implies that for firms, we take the time to comprehend their operations from a financial and planning perspective. This aids in our comprehension of the current problems and helps us pinpoint the areas where we can foster growth.

We consider future objectives as well as current finance needs when analysing an individual. This guarantees that any funding we implement is suitable both today and in the future.

We do an annual evaluation of all loan facilities for both firms and people to make sure they remain competitive and acceptable.


  • Commercial Finance
  • Business Finance
  • Development Finance
  • Home Loans
  • Equipment Finance
  • Energy Finance

Alecto Finance – Mortgage Broker Melbourne

alecto finance mortgage broker melbourne


0403 335 235

The award-winning staff at Alecto Finance, based in Melbourne, can help you find a customised loan to meet your needs. The group’s collective experience in helping clients buy a car, a piece of equipment to outfit their office or practise, as well as a home or commercial property, exceeds 50 years.

Busy Professionals

  • Asset Finance
  • Home Loans
  • Commercial Loans
  • Business Loans

Soren Financial Mortgage Broker Melbourne

soren financial mortgage broker melbourne


1300 899 819

Always strive to buy the simplest and quickest goods you can from lenders and brokers. Although it is their main source of income, it is not always the best option. The only reason the general public will never learn about the many unique goods that are accessible but that seasoned investors are aware of is because they are not aware of them or are not educated about them. Crazy, huh?

The recent financial industry restructuring in 2019 brought about a lot of good developments, but it also resulted in a flat structure for mortgage broker payments. This results in what I refer to as the “Vanilla Effect” because it means that you, the client, as the broker, will always receive the same compensation regardless of what services they provide. For a broker to investigate your specific situation further and make an effort to locate the ideal product and lender for you, there is no immediate cash gain. You’ll almost always be persuaded to use a lender that the broker is at ease with.

Due to my experience with both terrible and good brokers, I have designed my brokerage experience to meet my needs as a client. We aim to establish long-term connections with you and connect you with knowledgeable consultants from a variety of industries that will streamline the purchasing process for you. We have relied on recommendations from previous customers to grow our business, and we’ll keep doing so. We’re looking forwards to working with you to find the ideal product and reduce any worry associated with your upcoming purchase.

We can put you in touch with professionals who can assist with the full purchasing process. Conveyancers, tax agents, real estate advisors, and independent valuers are among the services covered by this.

Build your Legacy with Soren Financial.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer trying to understand the grants available, or a professional investor looking to make a purchase via your self-managed super fund or family trust, we have specialised services to aid clients through every stage of the buying process.


First Home/Investment Purchase

Regardless of whether you are a first-time property buyer or an experienced investor, we will suggest the best products and lenders to meet your particular needs. We will communicate with your advisors (accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, and conveyancers) to ensure that everything is proceeding well and you will always receive regular updates from our team.

Self Employed/Business Owners

Although many lenders offer products to you, we want to make sure you have the relevant documentation and can receive your approval right away. This is one of the services we specialise in. Traditionally, business owners had to jump through extra hoops to get their finance arrangement approved. You’ll be given a fact sheet to fill out, and we’ll match your expectations with the best lender and the product for your needs.

Developer Finance

Your development needs to be a strong project with a proven track record at a time when lenders are wary of risk. Contact us so that we may discuss your project and the appropriate goods.

Short Term Business Finance

Short-term business loans can give your company the much-needed boost in cash flow that it needs, especially in these trying times. One of the key benefits is that short-term business loans are typically provided by non-bank lenders, making them frequently considerably simpler to obtain and, more crucially, having a much quicker turnaround time.

Asset Finance

You can access company assets like machinery, equipment, and automobiles using asset financing without using/locking up your own capital. Additionally, it may enable you to access cash from the value of your current assets or utilise them as collateral for a loan from an asset financing lender for your firm. We have access to a large selection of goods that will meet your company’s requirements.

Construction Loans

A construction home loan is a specific kind of mortgage intended for those who are building a house or undertaking significant modifications as opposed to purchasing an existing home. Compared to home loans intended for persons purchasing existing homes, it has a different financing structure.

Progressive drawdown is most frequently used with construction loans. In other words, rather than obtaining the entire loan amount at once, you receive instalments throughout the course of construction. Instead of paying interest on the entire loan amount, you typically only pay it on the amount that is drawn down.

Clark Finance Group – Mortgage Broker Melbourne

clark finance group mortgage broker melbourne


1300 366 670

In order to demystify the home loan application process and help our clients locate the best mortgage product for their circumstances, Clark Finance Group was established.

We don’t simply give loans—we offer customised lending solutions thanks to our accreditations with more than 35 lenders, including all the main banks and financial institutions, and access to more than 600 different financial products.

Our Mission

To give our customers more options, better prices, honest advice, and dependable personal service.

Our belief is that our connection with you, not the loan settlement, is when our service really stops and yours begins. We want to be your long-term financial experts by supporting your vision and assisting you in achieving your objectives more quickly.

Industry Leaders

The Mortgage and Finance Body of Australia (MFAA), the leading industry association that offers a code of conduct and ongoing professional development for its members, recognises Clark Finance Group as a Full Member and Approved Mortgage Broker. To guarantee you receive the greatest product and service each time you contact us, we are devoted to staying current on all the most recent financial advancements and breakthroughs.

Expertise That Goes Beyond The Numbers

Our belief is that our connection with you, not the loan settlement, is when our service really stops and yours begins. We wish to support you in realising your financial objectives and to share your vision.

Our Approach

We stand out from the competition because we approach finance problems from the client’s perspective and focus on obtaining you the best results possible depending on your needs both now and in the future.

The Process

We’ll walk you through each stage of the home-buying process, provide you with up-to-date market analysis, respond to all of your inquiries, and offer considerate, need-specific counsel.

Your Experience

We have a client-focused, solution-oriented mentality. Our mission is to become your trusted advisor and assist you in achieving your long-term objectives. providing clear guidance backed by dependable personal service.

Mortgage Compare Plus Broker Melbourne 

mortgage compare plus broker melbourne


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Mortgage Compare Plus was established by Steve Keramidas in the year 2016. We opened our doors as a start-up firm with the goal of making home ownership more cheap and available to the typical Australian in order to fulfil our mission.

Both our principles and our philosophy are reflective of the fact that we want our business to be one that is socially responsible. We are a company that places a high value on performance that is aligned with a higher purpose, and we are unwavering in our belief that the success of our business is directly associated with our ability to fulfil our social and philanthropic responsibilities.

Since January 1, 2021, when the Best Interests Duty became a legal requirement, brokers have been bound by law to act in a manner that is in the best interests of their clients. This new law is intended to augment the National Consumer Credit Protection Act, which serves as the present legislation that governs broker behaviour.

In the event that there is ever a conflict of interest, the law specifies that Mortgage Compare Plus is required to “prioritise the interests of their clients.”

However, Mortgage Compare Plus is required to comply with the Best Interests Duty even if banks are exempt from this need. It is required that each of the lending institutions on Steve Keramidas’ panel deliver the highest possible recommendation for his customer. A bank, on the other hand, will only recommend its own products, even if there are better alternatives.

When Steve recommends a home loan to you, he is legally obligated to act in a manner that is in your best interests. Banks hawk you things.


Mortgage Compare Plus is aware of the measures that must be performed as well as the conditions that must be met in order to acquire loan approvals from the most important banks and financial institutions. As a consequence of this, our customers benefit from our insights, experiences, and leadership in all of the key financial loan transactions that they undertake. Help is available to you with the following:

  • Refinance
  • First Home Buyers
  • Investment & SMSF
  • Construction
  • Self Employed
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Personal & Car Loans
  • Commercial & Business Loans
  • Life & General Insurance
  • Energy & Gas Comparison
  • International Money Transfers

Intuitive Finance Mortgage Broker Melbourne

intuitive finance mortgage broker melbourne


1300 342 505

No matter what kind of home buyer you are—a first-time buyer, an existing homeowner looking to upgrade, or a seasoned property professional with a sizable portfolio—or property investor you are, our knowledgeable team of finance and mortgage brokers in Melbourne is well-positioned to assist you in finding the financing options that best suit your needs.

Experience working with various types of customers

We work with a variety of clients, including first-time homebuyers, homeowners looking to upgrade, sophisticated investors with sizable property portfolios, Australian expatriates living and working abroad looking to establish a property portfolio in Australia, and we place a special emphasis on the self-employed who, despite the significant challenges in determining their capacity to maintain an investment, are at ease with complex financial strategies and have an understanding of how to manage their finances.

We prioritise you.

At Intuitive Finance, we put a lot of emphasis on the quality of our service to both prospective and current clients. All of our customers have goals that are documented, and we are devoted to making sure you get the best possible loan “experience.” Additionally, we make care to keep you updated throughout the entire loan procedure, including after the settlement. For current customers, we additionally make sure to get in touch with you once a year to analyse and evaluate an RP Data property report for your portfolio.

Flexible strategy – one solution does not apply to everyone

We develop a specific approach after we have determined exactly what you want to accomplish, whether it be purchasing your first home, an investment property, refinancing or consolidating your current debts, thinking about purchasing a business, creating a self-managed super fund, or creating an investment portfolio. This includes evaluating the strategy’s suitability and practicality, identifying the best lending partners, and compiling the crucial information.

Complete and exhaustive

Once we’ve completed the investigation and are able to accurately evaluate factors like capacity and creditworthiness, we perform a thorough examination of the list of acceptable lenders, their rates, and of course any deals that are currently on the market. We compile the information needed for the loan application, and then we send it to the lenders we’ve selected who fit the bill strategically. Our rates of rework are incredibly low since we have a policy of doing things only once and correctly.

Organised and competent

We strive to streamline the frequently confusing and unpleasant procedure surrounding settlement. We oversee the document filing deadline and work closely with important outside parties like lawyers and conveyancers.

Regular updates and assistance

We don’t believe that our job is finished once the loan has been paid off, so we actively work to ensure that our clients have a point of contact and can contact us for information as needed. We also assist in organising issues like repayment plans and the provision of other facilities, such as credit cards.

We put a lot of emphasis on the continuous upkeep and management of your financial structures and want to provide clients a constant sense of having a resource and our availability to help in any manner we can. We are available to assist with whatever is needed when it comes time to consider the next stage of your investment strategy, from helping to identify appropriate assets to purchase to determine the viability of the existing financial structures over time. In order to determine portfolio worth, we always look to give our clients with updated property data in addition to annual inspections.

Tundra Mortgage Brokers Melbourne 

tundra mortgage brokers melbourne


1300 447 010

Tundra Mortgage Brokers Melbourne

We are a boutique mortgage broker serving Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, including Mitcham, Croydon, Lilydale, and Ringwood.

First-time home buyers as well as people wishing to refinance their existing loans are catered to by Tundra Mortgage Brokers.

Since we are independent of a bank, we specialise in providing you with the ideal home loan for your needs. We can locate you mortgages with the proper features and low interest rates because we have access to a wide choice of lenders.

By working with us, you eliminate the anxiety associated with loan selection. We conduct all the research, help with the paperwork, and immediately provide you with a customised solution.

Why Choose Tundra

  • Lots Of Choice
    We provide home loan solutions to people in the East of Melbourne with a large variety of lenders to choose from.
  • Get A Competitve Deal
    We’ll help you find the loan deal that’s right for you.
  • Less Stress
    We do all the paperwork and running around meaning less stress for you.
  • Convenience
    Our loan experts will meet with you at the time and place that suits you.
  • Various Lenders
    We compare a number of lenders to get the right solution.
  • The Right Advice
    We have the experience of advising clients on what would be the right deal for their circumstances.

What Can We Do?

Unlike our rivals, we prefer to provide a broad variety of services without compromising the calibre of any of the features.

We achieve this by maintaining the quality of our knowledge and refining our existing talents. Instead of spreading our resources thin over a range of services, we opt to utilise the skill-sets provided by our team to assist our clients with a higher degree of understanding and experience.

This means that we can customise our services to your needs, whether you want to remain on top of the most recent interest rates, benefit from our ties with lenders, or have our team handle all correspondence while reducing your stress in the process.

Victorian Mortgage Group Melbourne 

victorian mortgage group melbourne


(03) 8600 7900

About Us

Victorian Mortgage Group is a privately held company run by a family. We have offered hope to borrowers who have been rejected by the main lenders for more than 75 years. Numerous families have been given the chance to safeguard their future by our assistance since we offer a flexible approach to the evaluation of our clients’ financial situation. We hold Australian Credit Licence 387 666 from Crucis Pty Ltd as an Authorised Credit Representative (number 398 125).


All of the individuals on our team have years of experience in banking and finance. Our capacity to foresee, comprehend, and address any problems that may develop during the lending process will be advantageous to you. We are more than ready to help you because we have already financed more than 30,000 homes.


We hear your story at VMG. We cultivate lasting relationships with our clients because we are aware that each person has specific hurdles to overcome and because we want to make sure they receive the individualised care they need.

Why Victorian Mortgage Group?

Every step of the journey, we’re at your side. We take the time to get to know you and comprehend the issues you confront, unlike some who just run the statistics.

Why Choose Vmg?

Actual problems are faced by real people, and each person has their own unique set of circumstances. In order to make a recommendation that is specifically suited to meet your needs, we are interested in hearing your story.

Flexible Solutions

We consider your particular circumstances before presenting you with a flexible loan that can be applied for a variety of uses.

Competitive Interests Rates

We are able to match customers with a product from our selection to fit their needs by offering some of the finest prices on the market.

Professional Experience

Our team of finance industry experts has more than 75 years of combined experience financing residential mortgages, so they are skilled at coming up with workable solutions for people in unique situations.

We are aware that nothing is always clear-cut. Additionally, in determining if you are a good candidate for a loan, we consider your unique circumstances to find the best solution for you. Fill out our online form to get started, and one of our knowledgeable advisers will contact you.

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