Ewm Accountants Offer A Full Suite Of Services To Assist You In Buying And Selling Businesses, Or To Just Keep Your Business On Track.
Business Review
Business Review

Continual review and assessment of your business is key to staying financially on track and in control. Our team of trusted financial experts will review your business financial situation and advise you on how to minimise costs, secure wealth and manage investments.

Along with our Business Review Service, EWM has many other advisory services to help you achieve your financial goals including:

  • Succession Planning
  • Business IT System advice
  • Cashflow Budgeting
  • Benchmarking
  • Asset Protection
  • Retail/wholesale
Sales and Mergers
Sales And Mergers

Whether you are considering buying, selling or merging with another business, we have the experience and the expertise to help you with the process. We will ensure you achieve the best result possible at either end of the transaction.

The services we provide incorporate every stage of the process – from assisting with the initial review, through to the negotiations of the commercial elements of the transaction and more:

  • Buying a business
  • Pre-sale analysis
  • Selling a business

By using our service you significantly lessen the chances of purchasing an unsuitable business or not receiving the maximum value if you are selling. Why not use our experience and business acumen to help in what can sometimes be a stressful transaction.

Business Plan Preparation

Business owners need to spend more time working “on” their business rather than “in” it. Many business decisions can be difficult and daunting and often decided without the information to back it up. We assist our clients to develop a blueprint that will set the vision of the business and once you have the vision in place you can set sail the correct way to achieve greater results.

Business Plan Bg
Business Plan Preparation

In today`s persistently growing IT World, it is hard to know which Business Accounting system is right for your business. That`s why at EWM Accountants we undertake a thorough review of your business and then work with you in sourcing the right Business Accounting System to suit your business needs and processes.

At EWM Accountants we provide an all-inclusive Business Accounting System Service. We will help you in setting up and installing your Business IT System along with providing you and your staff with ongoing training and support to ensure your Business IT system empowers you to have financial control in your business.