Nick Angelov

Senior Manager (Audit, Superannuation and Tax Advice) - BACC/BBF, CA, SMSF Specialist, Registered SMSF auditor

Nick is an experienced Tax Accountant, with a strong track record in GST, ATO Audit, capital gains, superannuation and tax advice. Nick has proven to quickly identify and address key client issues, responding with sound and rapid advice and solutions for clients.

Nick is a SMSF specialist, constantly maintaining and improving his knowledge and expertise of Australia’s superannuation system. This allows him to rapidly respond to client questions, conduct audit and planning, and greatly assist with retirement and estate planning for the one asset all Australians are likely to have.

Nick is also a former investigator with ATO Serious Evasion, with an impeccable case history. He now brings the investigative, audit and law research skills to address compliance activities from the ATO, assisting clients with audit, review and tax law issues.

Nick Angelov