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A Financial Advisor is someone who helps people with their finances by providing advice on investments, taxes, retirement planning etc. They help manage risk and minimize tax exposure while maximizing returns for clients.

The best way to find an advisor is by doing your own research online or reading reviews from other customers that have dealt with them in the past so you can make sure you're getting quality service.

Finding the right financial planner is tricky. There are many different things to consider, and there's a lot of information out there on how to find the best one for you!

  1. They regularly communicate with you and return your calls quickly. ...
  2. They strategically plan throughout the year, not just for big deadlines. ...
  3. They show you how to budget. ...
  4. They are constantly learning. ...
  5. They are happy to explain things to you.

Introverted sensors, ISTJs are known as the best personality type for accounting jobs, CFO positions, or careers as auditors. This type is loyal, hardworking, and understands the importance of their roles; but the real predictor of success here is their analytical nature that enables them to work quickly and precisely.

Here are some tips on what accountants can do to ensure they enjoy a long and rising career in accounting.
  1. Don't fear technology. There is no escaping the fact that software skills are vital, says Jotkowitz. ...
  2. Learn to analyse data. ...
  3. Hone your communication skills. ...
  4. Learn how to lead. ...
  5. Seek sector-specific experience.
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Ultimate List of the Top Financial Planners and Advisors

Klear Picture – Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

Klear Picture Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne


(03) 9998 1940

Melbourne Private & Business Wealth Advisors

At Klear Picture, we focus on establishing solid and enduring connections with each client while providing personalised attention. We can assist you in identifying your objectives and developing investing strategies that will help you get there by creating a trustworthy, competent, and welcoming atmosphere.

We are dedicated to assisting you in achieving your objectives and turning your aspirations into reality as Melbourne’s financial advisors. Although having the freedom and flexibility to follow your goals and ambitions is something we all aspire to, the specifics will always be personal to you, which is sometimes why consulting a financial advisor can be helpful.

We’ll spend time with you in informal, no-pressure sit-downs to learn together what precisely you’re looking for in a financial plan because we recognise that everyone has distinct needs. Then, we’ll create a special strategy tailored to your requirements. You need a financial strategy with wealth creation counsel that is personally suited to you, whatever your goals may be.

Melbourne’s wealth advisory scene has undergone a substantial transformation during the last ten years. The era of straightforward services and goods is over. Currently, the industry invests trillions to develop new goods and services that appeal to our emotions by promising a bright future. However, when the method to financial freedom isn’t obvious, it’s hard for people to feel trusted and like a number without a clear path to it.

We have remained independent of institutions because we pledge to offer customised solutions to each client. This gives us more time to create and customise investment strategies that really work for you.

In Melbourne, Klearpicture is the leading option for wealth management professionals and financial advisors. Building Your Financial Freedom is the sole objective of our resources, expertise, and strategic planning abilities. Since no bank, financial institution, or product owns or partners with us, we are always motivated by your unique financial objectives.

Our customers receive professional financial guidance. This guidance is always supported by industry expertise, analytical data, and is adapted to each client’s specific needs. Our financial advisors in Melbourne are aware of the difficulties that people have when making retirement plans. Our wealth management techniques are therefore centred on accomplishing long-term objectives with attainable financial milestones in the short term.

Why Klear Picture Smsf Advisors?

Every client of Klearpicture receives the same unmatched degree of care, consideration, and skill.

We hand-pick the best assets from a variety of platforms and top providers as part of our personalised, professional service, and we give specialised advice, plans, and strategies that match your investor profile, goals, and objectives.

To assist you in achieving your financial goals, we specialise in offering a variety of advice and investment services.

Foundation Financial Advice – Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

Foundation Financial Advice Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne



About Foundation Financial Advice

Foundation Financial Advice is an FPA Professional Practice conveniently located in the centre of Melbourne that assists individuals like you in maximising their financial position, ensuring no opportunities are missed, and providing an approachable path to wealth. So that you may concentrate on enjoying life and not worrying about money issues, we assist you in achieving your goals on a fee-for-advice basis.

Peter Tribolet founded Foundation Financial Advice. a CFP® Practitioner with a Master’s degree and more than 15 years of expertise in the field.

What we do?

We are aware that our success depends on the success of our clients. Customer pleasure through financial improvement is our business. Through the following services, we have effectively assisted clients in reaching their objectives.

Retirement Strategies

Personalized guidance and plans to ensure a smooth transition to retirement or to improve your position so you can enjoy the retirement you deserve. We handle your financial matters so you may enjoy life and give your whole attention to the activities you enjoy. We support you and synchronise your position to achieve the best possible balance between increasing Centrelink, reducing or eliminating tax, and protecting and expanding your assets.

Smsf Advice

Assistance in the creation of LRBAs (Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements) for real estate that is to be constructed as both commercial and residential property, and helping to customise investment plans. Planning for wealth transfer through generations and demanding needs. Combining advise on industry funds with private risk for SMSFs. starting with the beginning and ending with.

Defined Benefit Expert Advice

One of the few advisory businesses, the provider’s goal is to advise you on how to extract the most value from these formula-driven funds, incorporate that value into your overall financial situation, and identify the optimisation and saturation areas in the formula.

Wealth Creation Strategies

We create a strategy that includes a variety of tactics that, taken together, can give you the resources you need to create and safeguard true wealth. The strategy or collection of assets (shares and real estate inside and outside super) that is necessary for you to achieve your objectives will depend on your specific situation.

Superannuation Advisory Service

Pre- and post-retirement financial security strategies for you and your family. planning spanning generations.

Aged Care & Estate Planning

Planning for the distribution of estate assets is crucial to prevent them from being degraded by tax or fees for the family and to ensure that you or your loved ones enter the frailty years in the most informed manner with CHOICE. Methods for keeping the family home while also protecting, allocating, and investing the income.

Insurance And Risk Analysis

To match your unique scenario and safeguard the financial position of you and your family, examine all approved and current insurance plans for their specific applicability, tax effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness.

Debt Recycling And Reduction

Provide suggestions and guidance on how to arrange your debt, distinguish between “good” and “bad” debt, and make the most of the equity in your real estate holdings to maximise tax savings and asset growth while preserving cash flow.

Budget Planning

Help you establish a budget for living costs that you are comfortable with, quantify it, and track it frequently. This is subsequently safeguarded, and surplus is directed to your investments, enabling you to efficiently accomplish and surpass your goals.

Loan Structuring And Debt Advice

Reduce your interest costs, create an offset strategy that uses linked cards to use deferred spending to offset interest—complex structures for business loans, SMSFs, or property portfolios.

Business Insurance

Make sure you have the appropriate level of protection so that your company can continue in the event of an accident, illness, or early death of a partner or important employee.

Claim, Centrelink, Workcover Or Complete Financial & Investment Check-Up

Advice on financial planning that is practical, honest, private, and professional that is in your best interests!

LBW Business + Wealth Advisors – Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

Lbw Business + Wealth Advisors Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne


03 9670 4445

LBW Business + Wealth Advisors, leading Geelong Accountants, Business Advisors + Financial Planners.

Our team of accountants and consultants may help you as an individual or corporation with strategic guidance and solutions to help you manage your wealth better.

Beyond conventional accounting, we do more.

Leading Geelong accountants LBW are committed to learning about your circumstances and objectives in order to offer you strategic counsel and solutions. To assist our clients manage their wealth better and achieve their short- and long-term objectives, we offer accounting and financial advice services.

Proud supporter of Geelong Businesses.

Our team of highly skilled accountants, financial planners, and business consultants is dedicated about assisting Australian and Geelong businesses in expanding. We are proud major sponsors and supporters of the Geelong Business Excellence Awards because we are aware of the needs of Geelong businesses.

We go on the journey with our clients.

We are aware of the constantly changing needs in wealth management and accounting for both individuals and businesses. We advance alongside our clients, supporting them in these vital areas as they work towards their objectives:

Business Advisory Services

Not simply compliance-related activities. We will gain a thorough grasp of your company and your unique requirements.

Taxation Services

Extensive expertise advising families, small enterprises, and large corporations on tax matters.

Superannuation Services

Planning that is specific to you and professional guidance for a happy retirement. With specialised alternatives, LBW will aid with your planning.

Financial Planning Services

Manage all of your financial affairs with confidence and convenience. Your financial stability is important to us.

Audit and Assurance Services

Experience conducting audits of various corporate structures and organisational kinds in a dynamic setting.

About Us 

One of the biggest locally owned public accounting firms in Geelong, LBW has been in business for more than 30 years. The LBW WHY and our Values serve as the framework for how we connect with one another, our clients, and our community.

Lbw Why – Partnering with our clients, our people and our community on a journey of success by growing together and thinking and acting differently.

Our Values – Respect, Integrity, Trust + Continuous Improvement, Innovative + Learning mindset, Curious + Working together, Accountable, Care + Have Fun!! Our values inform our behaviours and are at the heart of everything that we do.

Australian Property Advisory Group – Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

Australian Property Advisory Group Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne


1300 760 902

Property Advisors In Melbourne

At Australian Property Advisory Group, we assist you in realising the significance of working with independent experts who are insured to offer expert, unbiased counsel. Buyer’s advocates represent the buyer while real estate agents represent the seller. Despite the fact that we represent buyers, we are competent to advise them based on their unique situation, risk tolerance, objectives, and needs assessment.

We don’t hire telemarketers or salespeople. We don’t make cold calls. If a cold call came to you, it was likely from a company with a name that is similar. You must contact us if you want us to assist you.

Why should you consider engaging the services of a true property investment advisor?

With the ‘to be expected’ expansion in real estate, hundreds of estate agents offering a wide variety of houses for sale at any given moment, and a high pace of population growth since the 1960s, we have seen. Despite the fact that there is an increasing amount of information available online, many consumers have busy lives, especially because of their jobs. Because of this, many people lack the time necessary to find their dream property. A more specialised real estate investment advisor results from this. pays the agent’s commision after finding a property. Buyers who reside outside the region, across the state, or even internationally, may find this useful. After locating the property, the agent will speak with the vendor’s agent on the buyer’s behalf.

Expert Property Advisors For Discerning Buyers

We are cognisant of how time-consuming it can be to find the ideal home. We can assist you in finding the ideal property and make sure that you only invest in the most suitable properties based on your specific demands. With the help of our service, you can discover the broadest selection of homes that are for sale.

Our Story

Andrew Crossley, an avid property investor who is driven to see others succeed, founded the Australian Property Advisory Group.

How We Can Help You Increase Your Wealth

Our clients gain from our individual expertise and the tried-and-true methods we employ for our own investing. The foundation of our planning process is unbiased, in-depth study and analysis.

Throughout the counselling and property sourcing process, we uphold professional standards that include openness, complete disclosure, and the avoidance of any conflicts of interest. The support for this comes from professional indemnity insurance. For the property research and recommendations given, we charge a fee for service.

We have use of a lot of networks, business procedures, and systems.

How We Can Help You Get Started

Our “risk-free” engagement method includes an initial fact-finding and analysis step in between sessions, feedback to you on what is feasible, and a free, no-obligation meeting.

During the initial meeting, we will spend some time talking about your goals and how we can support you. Getting to know each other better will help us determine whether we can be of use to you and whether you feel at ease around me.

We affirm our terms of participation, offer comments on what is feasible, and then kick off the Property Investment Advice process during the subsequent session.

Full property counselling, portfolio assessment and optimisation, property search and selection, and continuing mentorship and assistance are all included in the range of services offered. A guide to property investment services that is given at the initial meeting contains specifics about these services.

Kearney Group – Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

Kearney Group Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne


+61 3 9428 8823

We at Kearney Group are much more than just financial advisors or accountants. We are innovators, paving a fresh path for the direction of financial advising in the future.

When you decide to work with us, we make an effort to get to know you as a person, including your family, your business, your aspirations, and all the unstated concerns that keep you up at night. We go beyond the person, unlike other counsellors who view their clients as bank accounts and balance sheets.

And we agree with so many of you that the financial services industry needs to change. Therefore, at Kearney Group, genuine collaboration is at the core of everything we do. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy or the constant transfer to someone else who can assist you, always in a different department. Instead, we collaborate across departments and teams to offer comprehensive financial services that put you first and keep you out of trouble.

At Kearney Group, we’re researching the junction of business and family to provide fully integrated guidance. Offering multidisciplinary services in three divisions—Business Advisory, Private Wealth, and Strategic Lending—from a professional staff united by the shared objective of assembling around you and your particular requirements.

We are more than just accountants or financial advisors because of this. Because of this, we are renowned for going beyond the transactional to make room for the transformational, both among our clients and among our team.

Integrated advice teams.

At Kearney Group, we are aware of the traditional boundaries of our field: a normal accountant would advise you on business matters without considering how they may affect your family. A mortgage broker is unable to explain how a loan would affect your tax situation or long-term financial goals. A financial planner cannot possibly comprehend the demands of running a business, much less include your company’s goals into your overall financial plan. Silos are an issue in financial advice.

We at Kearney Group turn the dial away from silos and towards systems. Our integrated advisory strategy assembles a team of professionals from throughout our firm to provide focused service to you, purposefully tearing down the barriers between divisions and individual advisors.

Our history

In 1986, Paul Kearney established Kearney Group as a tax and accountancy business.

Kearney Group is currently at the forefront of completely integrated financial advice for innovators and their businesses after more than 30 years of continuous reinvention and development.

We provide a broad spectrum of comprehensive financial services through our staff of more than 50 people, who operate throughout our Business Advisory, Private Wealth, and Strategic Lending departments.

We constantly keep an eye on the future for our business, clients, and team members, and we serve as a springboard for innovative ideas and a permanent home for the entrepreneurial spirit.

FAQs About Financial  Planners and Advisors 

What do financial advisors do in Australia?

You may plan for the future and make financial decisions with the assistance of a financial advisor. This could include guidance on taxation, insurance, investment, superannuation, retirement planning, estate planning, and budgeting.

Is it worth paying for a financial advisor?

You can save a tonne of time and effort by using financial advisors. While managing your money independently is doable, working with a professional can help you save a lot of time, effort, and energy, especially if managing your finances independently makes you feel worried or confused.

What’s the difference between a financial planner and an advisor?

A financial planner is a specialist who works with businesses and people to develop plans to achieve long-term financial objectives. A more general phrase for those who assist in managing your finances, including investments and other accounts, is financial advisor.

Can you trust financial advisors?

An advisor can be trusted if they value your long-term connection over a string of transactions that just serve to increase their compensation. After getting recommendations, undertake a background check on the advisors you’ve chosen.

Financial Coaching – Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

Financial Coaching Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne


(03) 9821 4101

About Financial Coaching

Whatever your stage of life, Financial Coaching is a financial planning firm that thinks its guidance can make a difference.

Our company, which is based in metropolitan Melbourne, was founded in 1969 with the goal of assisting our clients in achieving their financial goals.

Few elite athletes succeed without the direction of a skilled and reliable coach. You receive guidance from our financial coaching method on how to get better results than you would get on your own.

Our approach recognises that few people possess the knowledge, the discipline, or the time necessary to achieve financial independence without expert guidance and a well-thought-out “training plan” to reach your financial objectives.

Our services

Regardless of your financial status, we can design a personalised financial plan thanks to the wide range of financial services we provide. We will help you manage your financial needs both now and in the future, from beginning your career to making retirement plans.

Wealth creation

Building financial security today will allow you to concentrate on enjoying your lifestyle in the future. Your overall financial goals, your attitude towards risk, and the amount of time you have to invest are all important considerations when deciding where and how to invest your money.

In order to assist you achieve your financial objectives, we can define your specific circumstances and suggest financial solutions and strategies.

It’s never too late to take charge, whether you’re investing to fund your business, lifestyle, private education, or retirement.

Retirement planning

One of life’s most crucial financial issues is retirement planning. Your future way of life will depend on the decisions you make today.

One of the most tax-efficient methods for long-term retirement savings is superannuation. Nevertheless, it can be challenging to stay on top of constantly evolving laws and norms. We can supply you with solutions to assist you maximise your retirement funds as well as the rules that govern them.

Corporate Superannuation

For company super fund requirements, we provide a comprehensive Corporate Superannuation solution called “The Team Financial Coaching Program.”

Covering for the company

  • Advice and assistance with technology
  • Instruction and support for the online clearinghouse’s features
  • Administration is simple.
  • The payroll/HR team needs instruction on how to use the online donation system.
  • Establishing, managing, and overseeing the policy committee through a yearly evaluation
  • Members with support and communication
  • Periodic market updates (e.g. budget releases and topical investment updates)
  • Information on compliance and legal requirements on a regular basis
  • Adapt the company super fund to the needs of the business

Cover for the employees

  • Advice and assistance
  • Benefit maximizer packages for new hires: communication
  • A group of financial advisors and experts to respond to members’ questions and demands
  • Adequate and affordable insurance coverage
  • Support for and advice on claims and underwriting
  • Staff training workshops for employees

Risk insurance

Risk insurance is a crucial component of financial planning. You are protected from the financial repercussions of events like demise, disability, critical illness, or injury.

We can customise a variety of insurance alternatives to meet your needs and unique circumstances.

Business insurance

Assistance with purchasing business protection insurance, including business overheads insurance.

Self-managed super funds

Self-managed super funds (SMSF) allow you authority over the investments, operations, and management of your superannuation benefits. You can invest in a variety of assets through SMSFs, including shares, managed funds, term deposits, real estate, works of art, and collectibles. Additionally, you have the choice to borrow money to buy stocks and real estate.

Having your own fund can result in a mound of paperwork, including taking care of the establishment, asset administration, super administration, investment strategy, and end-of-year financials, even if SMSFs are an appealing structure for people who seek full decision-making capabilities.

We not only help you set up an SMSF but also offer continuing strategy, investment, insurance, and estate planning advice for your SMSF. We can also help other superannuation professionals with asset administration, super administration, and end-of-year financials.

Business succession planning

Advice and direction on how to start a business succession planning process. We offer a comprehensive service that gives company partners an exit strategy that is suited to their specific needs and the needs of their families, in collaboration with your legal counsel or one of the solicitors on our panel.

Ownership of a Business Insurance Policy structures on which we can offer advice;

  • Self Ownership of each policy
  • Cross-Ownership of policies by partners
  • Policies owned by each person’s discretionary trust individually

Insurance Trust

Debt reduction strategies

Advice on debt reduction techniques, such as using underperforming assets. techniques for getting out of debt, such using your retirement savings to pay off your mortgage.

Taxation structures

establishing tax-efficient investment options that are appropriate. Structures (i.e. companies, trusts, superannuation and pension vehicles). Advice on financial planning in relation to payments made following termination of employment or redundancy. Utilizing all available tax breaks, such as spouse contributions, spouse rebates, and government co-contributions, is part of managing retirement taxes.

Verse Wealth – Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

Verse Wealth Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne


1300 822 166



Assisting you in deciding whether or not to make investments, make payments to superannuation, pay off debt, buy a new property, start a business, sell assets, and many other things. You need to find a happy medium between achieving your goals, lowering your stress level, and growing your wealth if you want to be financially independent in the future.

Cash Flow

It is essential to ensure that your cash flow is running as smoothly as possible. Your ambitions can never be realised if you are unable to exercise responsible financial management. People are assisted in regaining control of their financial situation through our provision of spending structure, accountability, and clarity, as well as through the enhancement of savings.


We will construct portfolios for you that are open to scrutiny, diverse in their holdings, and tailored to your specific objectives. We will keep you informed, assist you in developing acceptable expectations, and assist you in maintaining emotional control while the markets are fluctuating up and down. We supplement our recommendations with independent research, analysis, and ratings so that you can rest assured that your investments are in competent hands at all times.


Selecting a fund, choosing the ideal mix of investments, making donations, and more. We’ll simplify the complexity of super, allowing you to maximise your savings and feel confident about the future.

Retirement planning

Careful planning is necessary to ensure that you enjoy the retirement you deserve. As retirement draws nearer, we’ll develop a plan to maximise your super, think about more cautious investment techniques to prevent portfolio losses, and utilise modelling to predict your ability to lead the greatest possible life during retirement.


Less tax equals more money to spend on living your best life, therefore you shouldn’t pay more in taxes than you need to. By investing tax effectively, maximising deductions, and working with the correct accountant, we’ll help you take advantage of the regulations.


Whether you’re buying your first house, your dream home, or a property to invest in, we’ll make sure you don’t make frequent property blunders. With the assistance of top-notch mortgage brokers and real estate experts, we will walk you through the property buying process.


Your Financial Coach, that’s us. This entails enhancing your relationship with money, holding you accountable, having difficult conversations with you, keeping you away from the crowd, and controlling your emotions during volatile stock market conditions.

Employer share schemes

We can assist you in navigating the intricacies and occasionally life-changing potential of RSU schemes, ESPP offers, and ESS if you work for a tech start-up or publicly traded company. We’ll assist you in making crucial choices regarding risk, diversification, financial gains, and other factors.

Debt management

We’ll offer guidance as you decide what debt to take on and how to pay it off. To make sure your obligations are always properly organised and you aren’t paying more interest than necessary, we’ll work together with your mortgage broker.


We identify the dangers unique to your circumstance and offer advice on the best insurance coverage for your family’s protection. Since we don’t accept commissions, your insurance will be less expensive.

Estate planning

More than just what you leave in your will is involved in transferring money to future generations. We’ll walk you through the decisions that affect how well you leave money to loved ones and make sure your objectives and your preparations are in sync.


It concerns your entire life, not just your finances. Money is merely fuel for living the life you desire, which will mean various things to different people.

Uniquely Personal

Your financial guidance must take into account the uniqueness of your life. Your strategy and decision-making will be in line with what you value most. Nothing about this is generic.

Complex Made Simple

Nobody wants to be inundated with technical language and financial jargon. Because we are fascinated with simplicity, you will feel in control and empowered.

We Make You Money

Let’s go right to the point: you have goals, but your main motivation is to generate money. Our breadth of expertise, experience, and access to business networks will guarantee that you do.

No kickbacks or commissions.

We do not accept commissions and are not affiliated with any financial products. That is the market for conventional financial counselling.

Your Complete Financial History

By surrounding you with the appropriate professionals at the appropriate times, we handle every aspect of your financial life. Everything is taken into account because we are always interacting.

The Process Initial Conversation

A free video consultation to see whether we click. We’ll try to understand why you’re looking for assistance and let you know if working together will be beneficial. Additionally, we’ll give you the opportunity to ask any crucial questions up front. Following your reservation, you’ll receive instructions on how to be ready for the introductory chat through email and SMS.

A Life I Love

Let’s clarify what your “Best Life” entails. It might involve a mix of completing objectives, engaging in experiences, getting rid of worries, and enhancing lifestyle through the creation of more time, freedom, and choice. We’ll also go through every part of your financial situation so that we are fully aware of where you stand right now.


We’ll illustrate what we can accomplish as a team. We’ll outline the areas in which we’ll bring value, what should be prioritised, and how you should change the way you think about money. We’ll give you a Client Agreement in this meeting to confirm the service and costs.

Advice and Direction

Together, throughout the first several months, we’ll organise your finances, create a plan, and encourage action. In addition, we’ll continually be by your side as you travel through life’s unknown paths. Verse will assist you in navigating any situation, whether it involves children, a career transition, a terrifying new mortgage, failing relationships, declining markets, or simply adjustments to tax, interest rates, and super.

Freedom Finance – Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

Freedom Finance Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne


1800 662 892

Thanks for visiting Freedom Finance Accounting.

Freedom Finance Accounting is a company that is large enough to provide exceptional service, advice that is at the cutting edge of the industry, and results that cannot be matched by anyone else, while also being small enough to be kind and truly personal.

Our crew is well-versed in various methods of problem-solving and possesses a plethora of expertise between them. We will never stop looking for opportunities that will benefit you, either in your personal life or in your professional life as a business owner.

As professionals who work with businesses of all sizes — neither too small nor too large — we place a strong emphasis on assisting you, whether it’s with tax compliance, including income tax, GST, and other ATO matters; tax planning to reduce income tax, GST, and CGT; resolving business issues; assisting you in expanding your business; or increasing your bottom-line profit. We work with businesses of all sizes, so no business is too small or too large for us. We are well-versed in all aspects of business, and we are sincerely invested in the achievement of your goals. We are also aware that business owners are considered “experts” in their respective fields, and we are aware that the most beneficial results for your company may be achieved by combining your knowledge with our abilities.

Financial Preparation

Build riches for yourself and protect your future.

Advice from Industry Professionals to Meet Your Requirements for Financial Planning

At Freedom Finance Australia, we advise our clients on how to prudently handle their financial matters while keeping the long-term outlook in mind.

Before beginning to work with you to define your long-term financial and personal goals, our financial advisors will first do an in-depth analysis of your current circumstances. They will build a one-of-a-kind financial plan specifically designed to assist you in achieving your goals and effectively managing your resources moving forwards.

We can assist you with:

  • Insurances
  • Superannuation
  • Financial Planning
  • Wealth Creation
  • Succession Planning
  • Retirement Planning

Paterson Retirement Planning – Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

Paterson Retirement Planning Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne


03 9439 6271

About Our Company

2020 saw the launch of Paterson Retirement Planning under the leadership of Senior Financial Advisor Edward Paterson. Ed is passionate about offering individualised guidance and simplifying the process of making financial decisions.

Our office is situated opposite to the Regent Theatre at level 5, 171 Collins Street in Melbourne.

Advice on Superannuation, Retirement Planning, Aged Care, and Centrelink is offered by Paterson Retirement Planning. Although we offer retirement advise to everyone, our focus is on teachers and other public sector workers.

Yield Financial Planning – Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

Yield Financial Planning Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne


03 9819 0690

Make Your Money Work, So You Don’t Have To

The financial roadmap created by Yield’s financial planners, who have over 70 years of combined expertise, can help you achieve your goals.

It is not a strategy that can be put into place and left alone. As change is unavoidable, we’ll help you manage it and, where possible, capitalise on it.

As your financial planners, we will collaborate with your other trusted advisors to organise every facet of your financial life, reducing the stress and uncertainty associated with these choices.

When you choose Yield to protect your future, you are assured of straightforward guidance that prioritises your needs and a simplified client experience you can rely on.

Yield Is A Financial Planning Association Professional Practice

Awarded to Yield for our high ethical standards and putting our client’s interest first

Established in 2006 by James McFall, we provide domestic and international professional services for Australians. We use cutting-edge technology to make our guidance easily accessible, effective, and incredibly engaging. This has enhanced not only the quality of our service but also our capacity to generate consistent investment returns that consistently outperform our benchmarks. Our team advances solutions for wealth creation and retirement planning by relentlessly focusing on providing great client experiences. We enjoy demonstrating to our clients how they may significantly enhance their retirement prospects by making very minor lifestyle changes.

Our crew is diverse, moral, considerate, and thorough, and we understand finances. We are located in the quiet neighbourhood of Canterbury in the inner east of Melbourne, and we also have an office in the Sydney CBD. We understand how to create money, keep it, and even help you spend it with confidence both now and in retirement. By tailoring our financial solutions to their needs, we continuously assist clients in increasing their wealth and retiring with confidence. The key is to get financial advice that is in YOUR best interest. We create lasting relationships using this straightforward attitude, and the positive feedback we receive from clients reflects the effectiveness of this basic yet effective strategy.

Since 2006, we have proudly used a fee-for-service investment model and have always been independently owned. Since it is transparent, and that is what we are all about, it was already required in the financial planning profession before it became mandatory in 2013.

Endorphin Wealth – Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

Endorphin Wealth Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne


03 9190 8965

Strategic wealth management services and solutions are Endorphin Wealth’s area of expertise. Our financial advisors have expertise in all facets of managing personal wealth, including capital wealth management, investment guidance, asset and wealth investment management, and estate planning.

We are meticulous and thorough in our wealth management services, using specialised resources and conducting external investment research to find the finest investment options for our clients, maximising returns and lowering risk. As part of the wealth management process, we make every effort to prevent capital loss and believe in using defensive tactics whenever practical.

At Endorphin Wealth, we prioritise serving our customers. In order to provide great outcomes, we will collaborate closely with your selected accountants and specialists and draw on our vast experience working across complicated entity and asset structures.

Don’t let chance determine your future. Speak to Endorphin Wealth right away if you’re a working professional nearing retirement or a household with high nett worth and want the individualised service and intimate ties that a small wealth management firm offers. We will advance your personal wealth management as a team.

Driving Value for Clients

Strategic wealth management services and solutions are Endorphin Wealth’s area of expertise. Our advisors have expertise in all facets of managing personal wealth, including estate planning, asset and wealth management, investment guidance, and capital wealth management.

Our Business Values Client-Centered

We assist our clients in identifying, preparing for, and living their ideal lives.


We continue to pay close attention to detail and comply.

Dependable Group

We encourage one another, give each other credit for our work, and keep our promises.


We are dedicated to making improvements throughout time to improve the experience for our customers.

DMFS Financial Advisers – Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

Dmfs Financial Advisers Melbourne


1300 364 651

DMFS Financial Advisers

Retirement planning, superannuation, and investment services are offered personally by DMFS Financial Advisers. Money Management reports that 67 percent of financial advisors do not think that the client’s parents, DHS, or elderly care is a problem that they are expected to handle. We are confident that we can meet a client’s needs, or that we have the connections to suggest someone who can.

The firm’s main areas of expertise include retirement planning, aged care, and superannuation (for those in the 40+ age category) (family-related). Why 40+? Life is straightforward if you’re paying off household debt and supporting your kids through their education. Pay off your debt as soon as you can, do your best, and get by. We promote wealth creation but do not have personal debt licences (mortgages).

We can recommend qualified brokers, including general insurance brokers and estate planning attorneys, who can provide the guidance you require. We make sure that you are the financial priority in your own future after the responsibilities of childrearing. In retirement planning, we put a lot of emphasis on collaborating with our clients, which is more like a relationship. We recognise that the money invested and the solutions used are based on the demands of the client first.

The main focus of many financial planning businesses is fee-based reviews. The guidance we provide is event-based. Event-based advising means having access to your advisor at the precise moment you require their assistance. Simply put, we immediately respond calls, and you have access to the mobile number of your advisor. to enable you to rest at night. With one objective in mind—your retirement needs—we pay attention to these demands. We specialise in an investment discipline that works for you. This is how we differ.

Whether it’s a self-managed superannuation fund, an industry fund, or a retail employer fund, our goal is to simply explain the costs and returns (historical) of those choices. decisions that you, the client, make. If you are conservative and need direct stocks, best-in-class managed funds, or term deposits to protect your assets, our licence and investing strategy covers all of these areas. Contact us right now at 1300 364 650 for an appointment or a referral if you’re ready to begin your financial planning journey.

At DMFS Financial Advisers, we are committed to helping our clients when they experience a life change, an unexpected occurrence, or a financial need that needs a solution. Most of the time, retirement planning necessitates serious attention from a licenced financial advisor.

The two top organisations in the sector, the FPA and the AFA, have awarded David Mac Manus the Dip. FP, Certified Financial Planner® Professional, and Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP) titles. We promise to be available when you need us the most. As soon as they are available, our advisers contact back our clients (normally within 24 hours).

All clients can escape reception “blockages” by having access to their adviser’s cell phone numbers. To lessen this load on our clients, we cap the amount of clients we accept. Our clients are informed well in advance before we take an annual leave of absence. We can assist you in managing your wealth so that you and your family can enjoy greater prosperity in the future.

The company’s area of expertise in aged care. DMFS Financial Advisers seeks to help with the Department of Health and Ageing (and all the required forms) as this is a complicated field so you can spend time with a loved one through a difficult emotional transition.

Collinsfp – Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

Collinsfp Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne


0419 632 778

Our Method Entails:

A comprehension of your current financial status

During the initial stage of the process, we will have conversations about your long-term and short-term goals, as well as the expectations you have of us in our role as your financial adviser. We will make sure that we have a complete understanding of your current financial situation with the assistance of information such as a list of your assets and liabilities, income and spending, and a discussion of your level of comfort with taking risks.

Creating your own plans and tactics

After gaining a knowledge of your position, we will immediately begin devising strategies that are specifically catered to meet your requirements. Your current financial state, your long-term goals, your risk tolerance, and other factors will all be taken into consideration by a professional financial advisor in order to ensure that the strategies employed are the ones that are the most appropriate for you.

Issue of a Statement of Advice

After the plan has been finalised, we will provide a formal, written “Statement of Advice” that addresses specified themes, as required by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. This will be done as soon as possible. Before moving on to the next step, it is essential to study this paper in its entirety because it will contain a detailed investment strategy as well as the recommended next step.

Implement the recommendations

If you are satisfied with the advice provided in the Statement of Advice, we will start putting it into practise. This can entail hiring additional experts like attorneys, accountants, mortgage brokers, etc.

Keeping your Financial Plan Up to Date

To make sure it still meets your financial needs and investing objectives, your financial plan should be routinely evaluated. Your scenario may unavoidably alter over time, so we advise you to regularly examine your situation with us to ensure your strategy is still effective.

Why Choose Us?

A strategic and innovative mindset

We offer you insights and solutions to make sure you fully understand the advantages and drawbacks of alternative tactics. We make an action plan that not only helps you reach your goals but also keeps you on track and focused along the way since we recognise how crucial it is to have financial direction and control.

Why do you want Collinsfp to be your trusted advisor?

  • Future Focussed
  • Unique Approach
  • Professional Team
  • Trustworthy and Reputable Company
  • Objective Advice

It has never been more crucial to understand your financial situation, and we are here to help you with a variety of financial planning issues.

Flinders Wealth – Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

Flinders Wealth Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne


0434 992 241

At Flinders Wealth, we assist you in organising your finances so you may devote more time to pursuits that are dearer to you.

We will create a personalised Roadmap for your money, a step-by-step list of things to do to make you feel good about the future. We wish to engage with individuals who are interested in handling their money wisely and organising their finances.

It’s important to note that we are independent of any financial institution, including banks, life insurance providers, investment managers, and superannuation providers. Investment commissions are not accepted by Flinders Wealth.

This guarantees that we are in a position to give you dependable financial advice.

Customers of Flinders Wealth are served throughout Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, and other regions of Victoria.

Financial planners must adhere to severe entry requirements in order to join the FPA, a professional organisation. The professional framework that the FPA and its members abide by sets the bar for financial planning regulation globally.

Highlighting their dedication to academic and professional standards, Michael and Nick serve as assessors for the Applied Strategies course and are active members of the CFP® Education Advisory Committee.

Maddern Financial Advisers – Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

Maddern Financial Advisers Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne


03 9999 7201

Independent Financial Advisor

Investment consultants are not created equal. We specialise in offering professional people who have achieved professional success or who aspire to it independent financial advising services, insurance, and investment guidance.

From the health sector to engineering, university professors, and business owners, our clientele come from a diverse spectrum of professions. Our clients’ investment interests are very diverse, ranging from direct shares to direct real estate to gold and diamonds. We can analyse all of the choices and create a suggestion specifically for you because we aren’t under the jurisdiction of an outside investing firm or insurer.

You can choose our Melbourne-based team with confidence if you have wealth to protect and invest in, and you are confident that you will have significant wealth in the future.

Self Managed Super (SMSF) Advice

Have you considered establishing an SMSF? Do you simply want more investing possibilities or to be in charge of your superannuation?

Over 1 million Australians have taken the initiative to establish their own SMSFs and manage their own super. The SMSF option is not a passing fad; as of today, the sector’s total SMSF asset value exceeds $550 billion. Quite a few SMSFs, in fact.

Since we are Melbourne’s top firm for SMSF consulting, you can rely on us to give you precise, individualised solutions that are related to your aims and ambitions. We can fully or partially manage every area of your fund, depending on your skills and level of involvement, or we can just offer strategic advice where it’s needed.

Why Maddern?

You fit in with Maddern Financial Advisers if you’ve developed a successful career or own a small to medium-sized business.

We are a boutique financial advisory firm with offices in Melbourne that provide specialised expertise, comprehensive financial consulting services, exceptional credentials and experience, and a genuinely personal approach.

We can provide you with comprehensive financial, accounting, tax, and business support services that work with your objectives for wealth growth.

We don’t attempt to be everything to everyone. Instead, we concentrate on providing niche services to a small number of clients. The majority of our clientele are small- to medium-sized business owners or accomplished career professionals, with an emphasis on the sports, aviation, and health sectors. These are a few of the specialised services we provide to our clients:

  • Advice for new businesses and management consulting based on our extensive experience in overcoming business issues.
    An all-inclusive self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) service, including administration, tax planning, and investment strategy.

You’ll be working with award-winning Independent Financial Advisers, SMSF Advice experts, and knowledgeable Accountants when you pick Maddern Financial in Melbourne.

We at Maddern Financial are the top, genuinely independent advising company in Melbourne. We offer simple, individualised solutions that are related to the aims, goals, and aspirations of our clients.

We are not owned entirely or in part by a bank or other financial institution, in contrast to the majority of Australian Financial Advisers. Because of our complete independence, we are not compelled to endorse any certain goods or building types. Our Independent Financial Planners do not receive investment commissions or other FUM-related advantages from product manufacturers; instead, we operate completely on a fee-for-service basis. In other words, once you hire us, we solely work for you. We don’t have any other clients.

We offer business services, tax accounting, investment advice, SMSF (Self Managed Superannuation Funds) services, and investment options.

You may be sure that the financial and accounting advice we offer is based on solid reasoning and thorough research.

TruWealth Advice – Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne 

Truwealth Advice Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne 


03 8648 6535

When it comes to your money, do you want to:

  • Be more self-assured in your choices?
    To save yourself time and concern, why not be more organised?
    rather than focusing on money matters, spend time on the more significant aspects of life?
    Knowing that something is being watched over by a professional who is keeping you safe?
    Choose without restrictions what’s best for you and your family.
    You are in the right place if any of this describes you.

Helping you make smart decisions that impact every area of your life

Money can’t make you happy, but it may provide you options and choices now and in the future.

You simply need a reliable plan to get there and the correct guide (like us).

Everyone Deserves A Life They Choose 

A financial consulting firm called TruWealth in Melbourne focuses on assisting pre-retiree single women—those who have never been married, are widowed, or are divorced—to manage their finances and attain financial independence.

Our goal is to educate and guide single women through a process that will give them financial security and a sense of control over the direction of their financial lives.

TruWealth was founded in 2010 as Assetplan Advisory and offers strategic financial planning guidance. It has its own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). We think there is no space for error when it comes to handling your money. Your family’s happiness as well as your own depends on it.

Money need not be frightening, difficult, or perplexing. You have a right to know how it affects every facet of your life.

Also, how it can offer

  • Confidence
  • Freedom
  • Control
  • We get it. We’re just like you.
  • We say it as it is (the truth and only the truth)
  • We don’t give up (ever)
  • We know progress requires discipline (and accountability)
  • We know it is all about you (no cookie-cutter approach)
  • We provide advice tailored to you (we have our own license)  
  • We are more than just what you see (there’s a panel of other experts on our side)
  • We know that if you succeed, we do too!

Hewison Private Wealth – Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

Hewison Private Wealth Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne


(03) 8548 4801

One of Australia’s top and most prestigious wealth management and financial advice companies is Hewison Private Wealth.

We were founded in 1985, have accumulated 35 years of expertise, and today oversee over $1.3 billion in managed assets. We take great delight in creating customised financial portfolios for clients that fulfil their hopes, ambitions, and goals.

We’ve always been a commission-free firm and have a direct investment strategy. We’re totally autonomous. This makes sure that every step of the way, the way we handle a client’s financial future is suited to their goals and what’s in their best interest. All Hewison Private Client Advisers are qualified professionals with the highest level of CFP designations, tertiary degrees, and professional certifications. Clients have a high level of confidence and trust in the entire Hewison team because of this knowledge and competence.

Driven by client outcomes

Hewison Private Wealth understands that each client is unique, therefore we customise our investment strategies and financial guidance to meet your personal needs. With an uncompromising dedication to providing excellent service and fostering enduring relationships, we are committed to getting the greatest results for you and your family.

With the knowledge gathered over the course of our more than 30 years of experience, we have improved our strategic approach, service offerings, and administrative platforms since our establishment in 1985. We oversee our clients’ affairs on a foundation of reputable expertise, ethics, and cutting-edge financial knowledge.

The value of independent financial advice

One of Australia’s top independent financial advice firms is Hewison Private Wealth.

Our research is done internally, we are not affiliated with any financial institution or platform, and we won’t get paid for any items we suggest to you. You may have faith that our recommendations are wholly unbiased and only based on your best interests thanks to our uncompromising independence.

Direct investment philosophy

Instead of using managed fund structures, we choose to invest directly in markets including those for securities that are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, real estate, and interest-bearing securities. This investment strategy, in our opinion, gives our clients greater choice and control while also being more affordable.

Together with individually managed accounts, this direct investment philosophy offers clients the best service and investment techniques that have been tried and tested over the course of more than 30 years to deal with rising and falling financial markets.

Direct investing enables two essential strategy components: efficient tax administration and effective cash flow management.

We strongly appreciate maintaining our independence. This enables us to offer our clients continual recommendations and strategic planning that is unbiased and solely focused on their best interests.

Hewison Private Wealth, in contrast to many financial planning businesses, charges a fee for its services. There are no commission-based payments sent to us.

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