Does your business have a story? The kind of story that demonstrates your business is committed to upholding its values? This may be key in retaining staff and making them happy.

2016_JAN_ALL_PEOPLE - Xero Gravity: How to keep your staff happy and motivated

Competition is tough for the best employees out there. Identifying ways to create a nurturing and supportive environment – one that works for both employees and the business – may be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be.

In this episode of Xero Gravity, Founder of Comedy CPE Greg Kyte and CEO at Gusto Joshua Reeves, join hosts Gene Marks and Elizabeth Ü to debunk what really makes employees tick at work.

According to Elizabeth Ü, “Workers are looking for a raise by going somewhere else. Or they’re looking for that culture that’s a really good fit for them. Or they’re looking for that flexible vacation policy.”

“A lot of times when someone is a business owner and they’re thinking about satisfaction, morale, team, and community, the topic jumps to what type of benefit, perk, or financial incentive can be put in place. There’s actually a whole other set of really important pieces that affect if someone feels great at work.” – Josh Reeves

Listen in to learn about the different ways our experts inject motivation and productivity into a workplace. You’ll feel inspired to resurrect your business culture for the better!

Sarah Chung Xero

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