As a specialist taxation and advisory firm, we don’t force round pegs into square holes. We build our procedures to fit your firms specific requirements. Like to receive files by Dropbox®? We can do that. Prefer to get old- fashioned correspondence by mail? Need bookkeeping or just payroll help in addition to accounting services? We can help. Need finance advice as well? Not a problem.

We will develop a service process that’s appropriate for your needs.

Your first year with EWM Accountants

Week 1 - After the initial meeting you gather all the relevant documents requested, we contact your prevous accountants and collect documents.

Week 2 - We review your documents, your business structure and develop a plan designed specificlaly around your business needs and discuss outstanding documents requirements.

Week 3 - During the second meeting we discuss with you the processs, and provide you with the timeeframe for bringing all outstanding documents up to date as well as

Week 5 Now that all your urgent documents are done, we agree on the roadmap to implement required procedures, and make necessary changes

Month 2 to Month 11 - various discussions and meeting as required to make sure that the roadmap is followed and adjusted when necessary

Month 12 - Follow up meeting to review the progress, get feedback and analyse the results. Agree on the roadmap for the next 12 month.